German Cockroach 

German cockroaches information

German roaches are brown to dark brown in color. They have two distinct parallel bands running the length of their pronotum. The sexes can be distinguished by the more slender body of the male.

Adults are approximately ½-inch in length.

German roaches are widespread in Australia. They complete their lifecycle in approximately 100 days, and they breed continuously (with many overlapping generations present at any one time). Under ideal conditions, it has been estimated that one female German roach can be the cause of a population explosion of over 1 million more German roaches.

German roaches are commonly found in and around apartments, homes, supermarkets, and restaurants. They prefer areas near food, moisture, and warmth.

Interesting Facts
German roaches often litter food or food products with their feces and defensive secretions. They also physically transport and often harbor pathogenic organisms, and in some cases may cause severe allergic reactions. In addition, some scientists suggest that German cockroach infestations may cause human psychological stress and that the stigma associated with infestations alters human behavior.

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